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 Im looking for mod position if u think i deserve.:)

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Epic noob

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PostSubject: Im looking for mod position if u think i deserve.:)   Wed Oct 28, 2009 2:55 am

1.Activity [How long will you be online for a day]: quite frequent and after xmas will have brand new laptop

2.IGN [In game name]:Epic noob

3.Contact info [any way to get ahold of u like email,phone,msn,yahoo]:Gary1winner@hotmail.com

4.Why should you become part of our staff team?Im expirienced use to play Rs Jercotter7 Smile very helpful,and my Brother was co-leader of a server called unleashed pk i was mod

5.What are your staff experiences?Was mod on server before

6.What can you do to help out our community?advertise,help players

7.Will you respect other staff and the owner?Of corse Smile im friendly and irish WinkRazz

8.Will u respect the rules and or enforce it?Indeed

9.Will you abuse ur powers?Of corse not

10.What (if any) experiance do you have as a staff member for a site?i use to make alot of walktroughs and other posts on sites? Smile

11.Post the agreement in your application!

"I (Gary OBrien) agree to follow the rules and will not lie on my application.
Also I (Gary OBrien) will never abuse any of the players or rights."
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PostSubject: Re: Im looking for mod position if u think i deserve.:)   Fri Oct 30, 2009 3:30 pm

theres no spots left.
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Im looking for mod position if u think i deserve.:)
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