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 Dox's Mod APP.

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PostSubject: Dox's Mod APP.   Wed Oct 28, 2009 2:17 am

1.Activity [How long will you be online for a day]:
The Normal activity is about eh... 4-5 hours a day.

2.IGN [In game name]:

3.Contact info [any way to get ahold of u like email,phone,msn,yahoo]:
-Phone- Not willing to tell on the public.

4.Why should you become part of our staff team?
Becouse I am nice to the other players/staff as well try to enforce the rules even though I am not a moderator. I also try my best to use proper grammar, When I am in a rush to type something I will use the "txt-talk".

5.What are your staff experiences?
I was a Mod in TerrorScape before JaGeX shut it down.

6.What can you do to help out our community?
I can help guide our new players in the right direction. Also enforce the rules and take action agenst the people who are breaking them.

7.Will you respect other staff and the owner?
Of couse I will.

8.Will u respect the rules and or enforce it?

9.Will you abuse ur powers?
Hell no.

10.What (if any) experiance do you have as a staff member for a site?
None for a site. Sorry.

11.Post the agreement in your application!

"I (Neil [Dox] Millard) agree to follow the rules and will not lie on my application.
Also I (Neil [Dox] Millard) will never abuse any of the players or rights."

.::. EDIT .::.
Put my last name in the "AGREEMENT" part.
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Dox's Mod APP.
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